Young Children Are Looked After During the Day

In many countries, young children are looked after during the day while their parents go to work. In a sense, they are raised by guardians and not their biological parents. What is your opinion of this family arrangement?

Sample Answer of Young Children Are Looked After During the Day While Their Parents Go to Work


Customs regarding the raising of children vary from one culture to another. In many countries, children are cared for by daytime guardians while their parents work to build careers. It is argued that this form of rearing does not benefit children as much as when they are raised directly by their biological parents. This will be proven by looking at how such a family arrangement causes misguided values and feelings of abandonment among the young people in question.

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Firstly, parents who choose their professional goals over raising their children to run the risk of setting poor examples for their offspring. For instance, children of double-income families are often indirectly taught that money is more important than family unity. These children grow up with unhealthy opinions about the significance of income level and could potentially become adults who judge other human beings based on monetary status. As this reasoning shows, children are best raised by their parents.

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Secondly, young children regularly separated from their parents may experience feelings of abandonment and this can lead to other problems. For example, it is a proven fact that Canadian children of single, working parents tend not to perform as well in school as their classmates from nuclear familial arrangements boasting a stay-at-home mother or father. This example shows that there is a clear link between a child’s academic performance and the level of attention they receive from their parents. Thus, it is clear that young people are not benefited when they are raised by guardians.


After analysing the above points, the merits of regular parental presence can be seen. It has thus been proven that parents should avoid working patterns that are detrimental to the development of their children. It is hoped parents everywhere commit to doing what they can to ensure they are the primary guidance-providers of their young ones

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