In Many Schools, Sports Lessons Are Part of The Timetable: Writing Task 2

In many schools, sports lessons are part of the timetable, because it is important for both boys and girls to participate in sports. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Nowadays it is one the necessary thing to take part in sports for both gender it is one of the lectures in the school. I agree with this opinion. My inclination is explained further.

The foremost reason for my perception is this sport gives physical fitness to children. More and more child gets involved in sports activity they increase their health as well as strength. For example, if there is a compulsion to take part in a sports game which is involved in the school’s circular, they need to participate in it. If there is a lecture on kabbadi, the benefit of it increases the concentration. Running gives strength to the legs.

Furthermore, if it is compulsory, the problem of girls’ and boys’ attitudes gets less. It means that there is a little bit of conflict between girls who can do this and boys who only can do this. If the sports come into it, this conflict gets lower. Participating in sports with all other classmates increases the understanding of each other. It gives knowledge of communication.

All in all, it can be said that in every school there must be a required class of sports. Through that, students learn unity, increase communication, and decrease the conflict of gender equality.

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