In Some Countries, People Have More Money to Spend

In some countries, people have more money to spend than they had earlier, due to which they are buying more and more things. Do you think it is a positive development or negative?

Money is indispensable in everyone’s life. It is indubitable that myriad people are becoming affluent and purchasing a riot of products than ever before. This essay will discuss how such an undeniable fact has a serious impact on both the public and the environment.

In today’s cosmopolitan world, many individuals are buying many items that have undoubtedly created remarkable revenue globally. To illustrate, products that were once only available to those who lived in North America can now be bought by those living in small towns with minimal amenities. This trend has become advantageous in improving the retailer’s businesses and, in turn, the world’s economy. However, a serious concern must be noted as to whether it is only beneficial.

With the contradiction of sorts, the public’s immense purchase of vivid goods can have some serious threats on consumers and the environment. For example, if a financially dependent adolescent from an average family made multiple orders using a credit card, he would definitely fall into trouble with extreme debts. Can the situation of hundreds of thousands of such people falling into debts be imaginable? Moreover, products that are non-essential but bought by just being influenced with some celebrity endorsements may lead to the huge production of rubbish. This would have an adverse effect on the climate and may result in an environmental disaster if not dealt with properly by investing huge money.

To conclude, even though buying many products can make retailers’ lives easy, it has even more serious concerns in terms of the society and environment that require vast amounts of unpredictable investment, which ultimately leads to negative development.

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