In Some Cultures the Old Age Is More Valued, While in Some Cultures

In some cultures the old age is more valued, while in some cultures the youth is more valued. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

People of different cultures have varied attitudes toward age. They suggest that in Western People of different cultures have varied attitudes toward age. They suggest that in Western societies old people are not respected, while in Asian societies elders are revered. Similarly, youth is either highly valued or ignored, depending on the culture. This essay intends to discuss both perspectives.

First of all, old age is valued everywhere. Old age is often associated with wisdom. With age comes experience, and in many societies, younger family members consult older ones for advice on relationships or problems. In some societies, not just older living family members but ancestors are revered and consulted. For instance, in the Far East, people respect grandparents, older leaders, and bosses.

In some nations, the youth are valued more because a young, vibrant workforce in a country is usually regarded as an asset. Most governments give priority to youth in terms of education so that they can move society forward. A case in point is America, a country sponsoring university students in different forms such as scholarships and student loans. By doing this, young people can be well educated and equipped with proper knowledge and useful skills. Consequently, the young will be able to promote the development of the society.

I believe that age in itself is not a qualification for anything. If we look at Western countries, we also find politicians in their sixties or seventies, and company executives in their sixties, despite strong business competition. In addition, as life expectancy increases, older people are becoming more important as consumers and voters. On the other hand, even in countries where elders previously were respected and obeyed blindly, people are realizing that old age does not always mean wisdom. The old way of running families, companies, or countries may not work today.

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In conclusion, the old and the young are essential for our society, so they both should be valued. An ideal society should have a balance. We should appreciate both the vitality and potential of youth and the advice and experience of old age.

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