It Is Not Necessary to Travel to Other Places to Learn About Other Cultures of Other People

It is not necessary to travel to other places to learn about different cultures of other people. We can learn just as much from books, films, and the internet. Do you agree or disagree?

It has been argued that there is no need to visit different places to learn about their cultures. You can gain knowledge from sources such as books, documentaries and online resources. I’m afraid I have to disagree with the statement mentioned above as I believe that books, the Internet and films can provide us with basic information, but it is important to visit the place to have core knowledge about their culture.

To begin with, Our world is a multicultural place, and people really like to explore and gain knowledge about different cultures. And I believe learning new things is a good practice to expand our horizons. Nowadays, because of technology, it is easy to know about unique cultures from the sources available on the Internet like articles, documentary films or books. Many people think that these sources are enough to know about cultures. They refuse to visit places as they think it is a waste of money to go there just knowing their culture.

However, many people actually like to visit new places to gain knowledge of cultures. They believe that you can have some idea from reading books and surfing the Internet, but you can not feel their culture from books. If you want to feel and learn actual skills, then it is necessary to explore the place personally. By visiting the place, you can taste their food, learn about their agriculture, and get involved in celebrating their festivals. Also, you can learn skills from the masters, and for example, if you want to learn how bandhani print is made on clothes, you can only learn in an authentic way by visiting the place from where bandhani originated. I also agree with the idea of actually visiting the place.

To conclude, as there are many cultures to learn from, one can learn from books, Online sources and films, but if one wants to feel their culture and know authentic skills, one must visit the place. The Internet can provide you with the basic idea, but core knowledge can only be gained by touring the place.

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