Life Teaches Us the Lessons and Such Lessons Are the Keys to Success.

Life teaches us the lessons, and such lessons are the keys to success. How far do you agree with this statement? Do you think formal education is important, or people should rely on their life experiences? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Humans encounter a variety of experiences during their lifetime. Traditionalists argue that real learning happens by experiencing failure in life. Further, bad endeavours bring forth success in life. I completely agree with the statement. However, I think that formal education should be acquired rather than completely rely on first-hand experiences for learning. This essay will discuss the reasons for success after every failure and why formal education is necessary.

Bad experiences and failure bring forth maturity that assists in understanding the reasons for unsuccessful actions and provides an opportunity to correct the future decisions that lead to productive results in life. For instance, it is said that Edison, while inventing electric bulbs, failed many times, and he understood more than thousands of ways that would not create the bulb. By keeping those failures in mind, he invented the noble invention that has been serving humanity for a long time. Briefly, the intense disappointments taught Edison to succeed.

Education transforms the mind and assists in understanding the ways of doing things perfectly. Therefore, it is always suggested first to acquire proper training instead of completely depending on the firsthand experience that could result in unfavourable results. For example, it is common that when electronic appliances are broken, people try to repair them on their own instead of hiring professionals. As a result, many people endure severe injuries or life-threatening situations. Therefore, it is imperative to have a formal education to avoid any harm.

In conclusion, I believe failure episodes inculcate a sense of maturity that eventually become the cause of success in the long term. Further, proper learning prevents life-threatening and risky endeavours; therefore, it is indispensable to learn and then experience instead of going through the trial and error ideology.

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