Many Believe that Living in a City Offers Greater Benefits Compared

Many believe that living in a city offers greater benefits compared to life in the countryside. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Certain demographics of the society say that the fast-paced life of the urban centres, across the globe, has numerous advantages in contrast to the life in the outskirt areas; however, I slightly disagree with this, which is explained in the following composition.

To begin with, it cannot be denied that all big cities in any nook and corner of the world are equipped with all the basic requirements as well as facilities, such as transportation, hospital, mobile networks, constant electricity. Besides this, more often, indigenous people migrate there so that their infants can get admission to the desired universities or schools. Moreover, big conglomerates in urban centres provide good opportunities to the freshers and offer them to visit abroad for a work assignment, which is a dream of many graduates. In India, for instance, many people from southern provinces usually relocate to Banglore- which is known as ‘The Information Technology Hub’- of the nation. Hence, many people strongly trust that life in a big city has many perks.

Conversely, despite the above advantages, there are a few parts where life in rural areas has its own significance. All in all, people in villages are happier than those living in the so-called happening streets. This is because they basically live a satisfying life with the limited resources and have a sense of adjustment as well as belongingness with others. In contrast, those living in capitals are more often greedy for climbing the corporate ladders. Though living in the countryside does not promise them to offer all the facilities. Still, it is found in a study that all the facilities and continuous use of mobile phones are deteriorating the quality of health of those living in metropolitan areas. Additionally, many researchers have already criticized the overuse of laptops and smart gadgets amongst small kids as it is ruining their mentality as well as health. Thus, in villages, peace of mind is found, which is rare in the brick and mortar hubs.

To conclude, although urban centres worldwide have provided all that is needed to a common citizen, the rural areas and countryside offer a calm and peaceful lifestyle, which is also essential.

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