Many People Believe in The Idea of School Children Wearing a School Uniform,

Many people believe in the idea of school children wearing a school uniform, but should teachers as well be required to conform to a dress code? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Uniforms in any school or firm develop a feeling of attachment, affection among children and teachers, and they consider them as an essential part of their school and workplace, respectively. Many have the opinion that it must be mandatory for teachers to wear it as it is for the children and I think it is an ideal is it will remove discrimination and being equality among them.

First off, wearing uniforms for teachers has great benefits not only for them but also for the youngsters. If teachers wear a uniform; then, it will reduce the inferiority complex among them. For instance, not every teacher is wealthy, some display their wealth by wearing expensive or branded clothes, and this thing demotivate others, and it has an adverse effect on the performance of other mentors too. So, strict dress codes will not let these problems arise besides, as it is often said that an example is better than precept. So, if pedagogues wear dress codes, then young minds will automatically follow them by seeing their mentors. They will learn discipline, and on top of that, it will inculcate equality, feeling of brotherhood in them.

Moreover, it also prevents criminal activities like kidnapping. In other words, if higher authorities wear the same colour of dress code; then, it becomes easy to identify them from others, and intruders cannot enter the school premises and will not do any harm to the pupils. So, this step can curb the hazards of kidnapping, and it will make the ambience safe and secure.

In conclusion, making the dress code compulsory for teachers is a great step to develop equality, brotherhood, not only among pupils but also among mentors. Ultimately, it will benefit both the groups as they will be more disciplined, responsible and abide by rules.

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