Many Young People Change Their Jobs and Careers

Many young people change their jobs and careers. What is the reason for this? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Experts throughout the developing and developed World have debated whether the periodic shifting position of employment from one place to another has merits and demerits. This essay will discuss both views and assert that the accompanying disadvantages are more prominent than the advantages.

There are multifarious reasons which prove that the youngsters change their profession. The first and foremost reason is acquiring a new job for a high salary. In this contemporary Era, the needs of the masses are more as compared to their payment. So they have no contentment and compassion for the low wage. Moreover, this also deals with gained knowledge and experience that is not in the previous company; therefore, It is conclusively clear that changing occupation regularly can benefit oneself.

Although there is a case for finding a new work fostering personal development; however, the following demerits cannot be neglected. The primary reason behind it is that they never give benefits of non-salary was work such as a pension and health insurance. For instance, The company is the higher the new staff on higher position when they are not working with hard work it creates a harmful effect on those who work from many decades. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of companies manager how to treat fresh employers.

In conclusion, There are both benefits and costs regarding the case of frequent change of jobs. If companies provide the highest salary to the employee also good guideline, then it would change careers will decline in the foreseeable future.

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