Road Accidents Are More Frequent These Days and Claim Many Lives Each Year

Road accidents are more frequent these days and claim many lives each year. As a result, some people suggest that drivers should take regular driving tests throughout their lives, rather than one single driving test, to improve the situation.

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of repeat driving tests?
Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

It has been observed that accidents on the road are happening regularly nowadays, taking human life annually. Resultantly, it has been suggested that operators must appear in driving tests till they do drive than one single driving test to alleviate the situation. This trend has more disadvantages and advantages that will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.
First off, if operators take regular driving tests, then they will not take it seriously. There are more chances of clearing the test via fair and foul means. So,  the underlying motive cannot be achieved. Consequently, it will exacerbate the situation instead of making it better. For instance, daily driving tests are suggested to motorists for their safety, and people primarily consider it a waste of time and money. So, they bribe the officers and get their work done. Thus, it is ostensible that instead of benefits, it is giving birth to many other evils.
Moreover, due to a hectic work schedule, people are busy. They are in favor of driving tests either twice a year or every three months. They do not want to make more payments for driving tests. Because sometimes they live far, it is a trouble for them to visit regularly by suspending all other activities. So, to get rid of these predicaments, chauffeurs opine to have it occasionally. Therefore, it is more beneficial if they are tested on a specific period without making them harassed. Only then, they will be conscious about their duties as a driver and drive safely. So, there will be no pressure on their minds, and it will not put the life of walkers in danger.
To conclude, Thus, considering the analysis mentioned above, it is clear that regular driving tests can pose a threat to motorists because they find it hard to spare some time to take this test. Moreover, spending money in the form of a test fee is considered a wastage of money. Also, to get rid of taking regular tests, chauffeurs will start to bribe the officers. So, many other social evils can emerge. Instead, twice a year or every three months driving test can work well to make the situation better.
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