Some Children Spend Hours Every Day on Smartphones: Writing Task 2

Some children spend hours every day on smartphones. Why is this the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

With the advancement in technology, smartphones are a daily need for everyone, and some people think that smartphones also catch the children’s mindset and they spend hours a day playing with these devices. Although people should gain numerous benefits, negative effects should be considered.

To begin with, smartphones catch people’s mindset, and some people are addicted to them. Children also use smartphones in their daily lives and become addicted. Smartphones do not provide physical growth to children because they do not go outside to play games. Instead, they play games on their smartphones. Most children have eye problems because they use too many smartphones, and some spend time watching tv. They surf on the internet, and some children learn such things that, at their age, they do not have to learn.

Moreover, they spend too much time on their smartphones and do not focus on their academic lesson. Studying is very important for them, but they become addicted to smartphones. They did not study properly and did not get good marks. Nowadays, every child has a smartphone in their hand, and it has a very negative impact on the children’s mindset. That impact came from the adults because adults also use smartphones too much, and children learn the same.

In conclusion, children have to use a smartphone according to their parent’s guidelines, and parents have to be strict about that before they purchase a smartphone. They have to ensure that the smartphone cannot impact their study.

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