Some Claim that Too Much Focus and Resources Have Been Spent Protecting Wild Animals and Birds.

Some claim that too much focus and resources have been spent protecting wild animals and birds. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Several assert that much premium has been put on saving wild animals and birds. I support it for a good reason because wildfires help maintain the ecosystem’s biodiversity and serve as tourist attractions.

Firstly, much attention and resources must be invested in the preservation of wild animals and birds because they ensure the regulation of animal species in the ecosystem. This is because wildlife, especially carnivores, feeds on other animals to help keep their numbers in check. For example, lions feed on deer, whose population is increasing rapidly. This is done to control them to avoid having only one specie and allow other species to also thrive. Also, bird droppings help the afforestation of the land, so tree species will be dispersed across the ecosystem. Without these wild animals and birds, the ecosystem’s biodiversity will suffer. Thus, the attention and resources spent on the protection of wildlife are very critical.

Another reason why I fully agree with the statement is because these wildfires serve as tourist places for people. This is because tourists travel to places where these animals are kept in their natural environment to watch and satisfy their curiosities. For instance, millions of foreign and local tourists come to kumkum national park in Ghana to spy on animals. This provides some entertainment and ecstasy to the visitors. Therefore protection of these wild animals brings pleasure to tourists.

In conclusion, although it costs tremendous efforts to continue to ensure the survival of these wild animals and birds, their protection is worthwhile as they help maintain the ecosystem’s biodiversity and their sanctuary serves as a tourist place.

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