Some Feel Governments Should Invest in Preserving Minority Languages

Some feel governments should invest in preserving minority languages, while others feel this is not a good use of resources. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

While people argue that government should invest to ensure the preservation of minority languages, others may think this necessary and will not be the best way to put the resources to use, I however, think that it will be in the best interest of the government to ensure that every language is developed in the country especially the minority languages that may further be facing extinction.

While, some people feel the need for to government to invest to ensure that minority languages are preserved, which I agree with. Investing in ensuring that minority languages are further withheld from going into extinction. Investing in minority languages may take several outlooks, including ensuring that those languages are included in students’ curriculum in junior and senior high schools. Giving scholarships to students who are studying those languages at a tertiary institution. Ensuring that news and jingles on the radios and televisions are put out in those languages.

On the other hand, some people may think the government spending money on ensuring minority languages don’t further go extinct is just wasting resources that may be used to achieve better things in governance like hospital care and food and rehabilitation for those living in the crisis area. Or better still government should invest in infrastructures rather than wasting money on ensuring the preservation of minority languages.

Finally, while I agree that government, as a sense of urgency, needs to invest in minority languages to ensure it does not go into extinction, other people may have reservations about it.

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