Some Feel that Individuals Should Try to Assimilate Completely Into the Country Where They Live

Some feel that individuals should try to assimilate completely into the country where they live, while others feel it is more important to preserve their native culture. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

A plethora of people immigrates these days to a new country. Some individuals believe that the immigrated people should follow the culture where they live whilst others argue that it is essential to keep their native culture alive. Like the opinion of the latter individuals, I also feel that one should preserve their own culture. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss both views and my opinion.

For better career and job opportunities, many families migrate and settle in different nations, and by moving there, they also try to learn and follow the culture of where they live. It is easy to follow the rules and cultural patterns where you live because many individuals can guide you. Moreover, it also adds the joy of knowing something new. For instance, Thanksgiving and Halloween parties are not part of Indian culture. However, many Indians who migrated to the USA and Canada celebrate these festivals with their colleagues and friends. Hence, many individuals prefer to assimilate where they live and forget where they belong, as it is easy to do.

Albeit, many individuals love to stay connected to their roots. Even if it becomes difficult to follow their culture in another country for many reasons, such as different weather conditions, no leave from jobs on the day of the occasion, unavailability of traditional items and many more, they still manage to do things in their native way. Doing this gives them relief and fulfilment that they are connected to their native country and culture. They love to teach their children such things, so they do not forget about their ancestors. For example, Indians light candles on Diwali and try to celebrate the festival as they used to do in their own county.

In my opinion, one should try to merge with the patterns of the country where one lives, but one should never forget where one belongs. Every nation’s culture is different, and it has its importance, which one should respect. I believe one should follow both cultures where they live and from where they belong. This is how the amalgamation of different cultures occurs, which is a good thing because this gives more reasons to celebrate and show respect to each other. To illustrate, the American president celebrates Diwali in the white house by lighting candles.

To conclude, for a better future, it becomes essential to leave the native nation, but it is not necessary that one also leave their culture behind. Of course, it becomes difficult to follow every ritual in a new country, but one should definitely try and accept the culture of a new country with an open heart. Isn’t it the right thing to do?

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