Some Individuals Say Children Have to Play Outdoor Games

Some individuals say children have to play outdoor games instead of playing computer games at home. Do you agree or disagree?

In recent years, it has become a hot topic for debate whether kids should play outdoor games or they should play them on their mobiles and computers. I am completely inclined towards the idea of outdoor games, which is explained in the below composition.

Admittedly, people in this era are living in a virtual world where they are forgetting as well as ignoring precious values, especially inherited from their ancestors. Though technological advancements have helped immensely in various ways, there are a few things which have to be taken under serious consideration and, of course, one of them is the playing habits of children. Firstly, when elders encourage their infants to go out and participate in sports or outdoor games, they indirectly help them socialize with real human beings, which cannot be learned from any video game. Additionally, they would make some reliable, good friends who will stand by their side in adverse situations. For example, in a recent article in a local newspaper, it was mentioned that people are not finding a single helping hand during this covid-19 pandemic because they have forgotten this important job to build and maintain relationships. Therefore, we should motivate our offspring to go out and play.

Secondly, these days children play games on the internet throughout the day, which has resulted in a massive surge in diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, depression. In many countries, millennials are happily living sedentary lifestyles because they find these games easy to play, and they do not have to move an inch. To counter this situation, it is high time that parents should accommodate at least an hour of outdoor games in their kids’ schedules. Consequently, children will also find it more interesting as such ground games essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as they will, undoubtedly, help them to concentrate on their studies. Thus, in my view, outdoor activities should be prioritized by elders and teachers.

To conclude, though people argue that playing a few on-screen games children can develop their minds, I completely disagree as outdoor games can be way more advantageous over them. Hence, parents and grandparents should introduce toddlers to their traditional games.

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