Some People Believe that Family Influences Children’s Development: Writing Task 2

Some people believe that family influences children’s development, while others think that other areas, such as television and friends, have a more significant influence. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It has become debatable whether loved ones or watching television and associating with friends have a way of influencing children’s development. In my opinion, I believe the family has a significant impact on a child’s expansion as they spend most of their time with them.

On the one hand, families spend the most time with the youngsters by teaching them to abide by the rules and regulations and culture. Family is a child’s first contact, and a kid learns fast when exposed to a conducive environment. They also create a strong bond that lays the foundation of a child’s personality, traits and values. For instance, in Nigeria, it is written in the law that a child must spend eighteen years of his life living with and obeying the parent.

On the other hand, adolescent enhance their knowledge by watching television, while communicating with friends help to boost their social life. There are lots of programs on television that are educative and expand a kid’s wisdom and the way they think. Also, the kind of friend, a child relates with will determine his behaviour. For example, if a kid moves with confident friends, they tend to be self-confident.

In conclusion, I agree that family influences a child’s improvement and cannot be ignored because they are always there for their kids from a tender age, and this learning they acquired at an early age decides their future and the nature of the children rather than watching television and making friends.

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