Some People Believe that It Is the Responsibility of Individuals to Take Care of The Environment: Writing Task 2

Some people believe that it is the responsibility of individuals to take care of the environment, while others think this is the responsibility of the government. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Environmental issue has become the centre of global debates in recent years. A few individuals think that people must protect their habits; however, some argue that the assistance of a higher authority mitigates environmental-related problems. This essay will discuss both points of view before a conclusion is reached.

On the one hand, it is undeniable that the usage of unnecessary private vehicles and disrespect for natural resources such as water, air, flora, and fauna are prevalent in damaging natural human habits. Firstly, individuals prefer a large number of private vehicles for their daily purpose. Consequently, it causes air and noise pollution; therefore, people ought to utilize public auto motors as compared to their vehicles, which would benefit the environment and preserve natural resources, such as biofuels. Besides this, individuals should plant excessive trees to improve air quality and protect the 0animal’s natural habitat. For example, a survey conducted by the Environment Department of Dubai reported the temperature of Arban countries is lower than the previous year with the help of growing a large number of trees. Thus, such an act by an individual could lead to a healthy environment.

On the other hand, the Higher authorities play a prominent role in protecting mother nature. Since the government has the power to create and impose stringent laws against those who create natural hindrances. For instance, the Indian government banned plastic carry bags in shops last year in order to resist air pollution and soil erosion. Furthermore, the education ministry must include environmental subjects in the school curriculum to enhance the knowledge of the environment. For this reason, the government plays a cardinal part in abolishing the effects causing damage to nature.

In conclusion, although the government has the power to do anything to protect its habitat, without the assistance of citizens, it is impossible. If both of them serve their obligations, they could mitigate every single problem related to mother nature.

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