Some People Believe that Reading Stories from A Book Is Better

Some People Believe that Reading Stories from A Book Is Better than Watching Tv or Playing Computer Games for Children. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

In the case of children, few people think that Spending time reading novels or publishing is more beneficial than wasting time watching television or playing games on the desktop. I completely agree with this opinion and think that reading books is more helpful to children than playing animated games.

First of all, I believe that reading a good book helps the children gain knowledge along with this, it engages the children in using the time effectively. For instance, let us consider a young boy who spends most of his time playing computer games, whereas the other utilizes his valuable time reading books. As a result, the one who keeps reading books scores higher marks on the exam; however, others will fail or score lower grades.

Secondly, I think books are the best source for acquiring skills irrespective of category since one can make it a real-life habit more effectively by reading, rather than playing computer games or watching entertainment shows. For example, consider two people. In that one person reads books and the other spends most of the time watching cinematography, the reader can turn his habit into a productive way by applying it in real-time; in contrast, the other remains in the same place, repeating it regularly.

To conclude, reading books or personality development, publishers can make one more productive. Besides, their skills become sharper, which pushes them two to three steps ahead in life, whereas, on the other hand, they still keep wasting time in less productive activities.

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