Some People Believe that To Reduce the Time People Spend Commuting

Some people believe that to reduce the time people spend commuting, parks and gardens close to city centres should be replaced by apartment buildings. Others disagree with this idea. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The public outlook towards others who like to go to parks and gardens is that it’s a waste of time and place for these residential buildings to be constructed, whereas some netizens do not share the same view as mentioned above. I think parks and gardens are much-needed elements of a sound environment. The balance should be maintained between nature and human desire.

As we know presently, we are facing the threat of global warming, which is the result of deforestation, so if we keep on destroying even the parks and gardens, then the situation will get worse for us as these parks and gardens provide fresh air. In addition, these places are being utilized by commuters for exercise and walking activities. Nowadays, there are not many areas where kids can play in natural surroundings, but these places provide them with the opportunity to do so.

In contrast to this, we are having a problem of sense population due to which it is becoming challenging for people to find a suitable place to build houses and flats. Therefore, the requirements of numerous parks or gardens can be curbed. We need spacious apartments so that we can accommodate more and more people who can reside near the city centre. Through this viewpoint, it is evident that having parks and gardens is considered a wastage of land. Moreover, today people prefer the gym over parks or gardens for exercise, which gives us another reason for elucidation of parks and gardens from our daily life.

Overall, from both the circumstances it is clear that locals do not have a common opinion towards parks and gardens besides they do not fully support setting up buildings. Still, we can say that for children, young, adults and old people, parks and gardens are required although the place is also needed for people who want to stay near the city centre. The conclusion would be that these parks and gardens can be relocated to some other areas where the public can enjoy the beauty of nature, and the vacated land can be used for the construction of residential buildings.

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