Some People Believe They Should Keep All the Money

Some people believe they should keep all the money they have earned and should not pay taxes to the state. Do you agree or disagree?

Semple: Some People Believe They Should Keep All the Money

Some people opine that they should not pay the tax to the nation from their own pocket. However, they should spend their earnings on their own benefits. This essay would like to discredit this statement and vindicate my supported notion with well-grounded elaborations in the impending paragraphs before coming to a conclusion.

There are multifarious reasons to endorse my point of view. First and foremost, if people do not pay the tax, then it’s impossible for the government to provide more facilities and improve the infrastructure, such as the public transportation system, educational institutions, medical services, etc. Moreover, the Public could contribute to making their nation innovative and digital. If they are unwilling to share their contribution, then the nation cannot be developed with tremendous advancements compared to other nations. In addition, people could face unemployment because if the government provides more facilities to the Public, they could open the job requirements. For example, if the government opens an educational institute or hospital, then there would be a requirement for staff which would be advantageous for the Public. Further emphasizing it, due to the tremendous advancement in technology,

Scientists can research one more advancement for the nation. And they are taking the initiative to identify life on other planets. All these things are possible with the share of public taxation in which authorities can invest high amounts. What is more, if the Public pays a few amount as tax to the government, then they can get more facilities for personal use, for instance, people who pay tax during their employment time. Then the government pays them as a pension till the end of their life. Moreover, the government gives scholarships to students to provide a better education.

In inclusion of this essay, I would like to reiterate that although people take this rule as a burden. However, it is made only for people to make a better life.

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