Some People Claim that Public Museums and Art Galleries Will Not

Some People Claim that Public Museums and Art Galleries Will Not Be Needed Because People Can See Historical Objects and Works of Art by Using a Computer. Do You Agree or Disagree with This Opinion?

Some groups in society propound that communal museums and art studios are a waste of money because they think that ancient objects and artworks are available a click away. However, I completely disagree with this statement, and my view on this is well stated in the upcoming paragraphs, which leads to a logical conclusion.

Analysing the statement, I do not see eye to eye with the given aspect for multifarious reasons. The first and foremost reason is that, from the visual, we can only imagine that it was there at that time, and there is no solid proof are there. For instance, when we wander through search engines, we can see so many pictures of real humans who were not even born in the world. Also, in the case of history, some pictures are hidden, and access to them costs even more than the entry fees to the museum. Secondly, the art gallery promotes the work of new artists. Also, sometimes, new elegant art is promoted, and portraits are placed on the walls of the Art Galleries. From that, we can easily understand the difference between modern and ancient art. In addition, the ancient people used art as a medium of communication, which can be seen in some art galleries.

Technological advancement influenced the way of thinking and living, so human thought was also changed. As a result, people in Navi days are more obsessed with technical advancement than real-life experience. Probing ahead in this era, each individual is more concerned about their time and money but is not in the pure soul of history. To substantiate historical objects that are available in a pure form or as they are in museums and Art Galleries, to preserve such things, these two are essential. Moreover, many history students benefit from it. Some historical objects get preserved nowadays also because it helps them to be in their real form. For example, Topkapi Palace Museum in Turkey will not allow photography in some areas because it is essential to preserve such things as they are.

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To recapitulate, numerous factors are opposing the fact that museums and Art galleries are not essential; pictures sometimes act as evidence for some instances, but preserving such ancient things is essential.

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