Some People Feel that Equality Between the Genders Has Already Been Achieved While Others Feel

Some people feel that equality between the genders has already been achieved while others feel there is considerable progress to be made. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In this modern era, the most heated debatable topic is equality between males and females. Some individuals hold the opinion that both males and females have achieved equality; however, others think it should be in progress. Before reaching a logical conclusion, both perceptions shall be discussed in the forthcoming paragraph.

Firstly, those who say that equality between the genders has already been achieved nowadays. It is due to some reasons. Such as these days, women enrol in many fields. First of all, we can see in public transportation, such as buses, trains, aeroplanes etc., where she is doing equal work to men. Lady conductors also do their role in a city bus and on the village side. Second is most popular with today’s youngsters, the ratio of women is higher than men in Public civil exams like GPSC, UPSC exam and surprisingly she can crack the exams and dose their role very well. In addition, we can see lady collectors, PSI, PI, and SI as equal to men.

On the other hand, there are many reasons why some people assert that progression is still needed in inequality between males and females. To begin with, some field believes that women can not do work as compared the men. For example, some pharmaceutical manufacturing industries openly say that they can’t hire female workers or assistants in the production area. The second is about some hospitals. In this technological era, women are not higher as much as men. In addition, they claim that women are not well good as physically and mentally as men, and they also claim night duties.

However, in politics, the women’s ratio is less than the men’s. This happened due to the lack of education, knowledge, and awareness. In rural areas, people still believe that women only have parenteral roles. Meanwhile, this happens in some other countries, also. As turkey, I believe that progression should be required for equality between both genders. In today’s era, females want to enrol in all fields, and they are capable of that.

To conclude, definitely, Equal achievement is required for women because more and more girls are involved in education in different fields and with different skills.

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