Some People Say Cultural Traditions Are Destroyed

Some people say cultural traditions are destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions aimed at tourists. Others say this is the only way to save such traditions. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Past few decades, due to globalization and other factors travelling has been increased rapidly. Some people believe those alluring tourists and promoting tourism way diminishes traditional culture; however, others argued that this is for rescue and preserve ethics. Both the notion has own pros and cons; therefore, before commenting on my decision, my inclination will be justified in following paragraphs along with a logical conclusion and my opinion.

On the one hand, there are numerous reasons behind it that indicate tourism is a way to save the culture. Tourism is the backbone of any country economy; it also boosts people livelihood. Additionally, a host of the family depends on daily wage, and it is yield by tourism such as restaurant, hotel. For example, this is a great way to promote local art and dance forms that may be losing popularity among the native audience. Furthermore, tourism put any culture and traditions on the world map. The bureaucrats play a vital role in it, and a host of citizens also promote folk and culture by tourism, and many of them pin spotted in the centre.

On the other hand, for attracting tourism, money-making is deleterious for culture. Firstly, over time main aim and culture will change if the main aim is profit. In other words, if workers and traditional stuff maker make the item only for attracting tourist and moneymaking, then it will be changed. Secondly, this way also makes a bad impression on tourist, especially foreigners, after unexpected experience sightseer never recommends that place of things.

To summarize, some people feel that one and only way to save culture is tourism while others think to alluring and change in traditional for allure tourist, and is destroying culture. Here, I agree with the former view that tourism is the best way to promote culture worldwide and economically beneficial and people livelihood. However, the bad way of it also diminishes it.

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