Some People Say that In Our Modern Age, It Is Unnecessary to Teach Children About the Skills of Handwriting

Some people say that in our modern age, it is unnecessary to teach children about the skills of handwriting. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Who would love to have calligraphy handwriting? This was the question being asked during my visual arts class when I was in basic school. Today most individuals believe it’s unnecessary to teach children about the skills of handwriting, of which I strongly disagree with the notion. Below given points will illustrate my motives for going against the motion at hand.

First and foremost, it helps build the child’s mental capacity. Learning of handwriting is a vital tool that helps in the mental focus of children as it involves the use of visualization and then creating a memory of the writings taught. Continuous learning will sharpen the use of memory in both the long and short term. An example is way up in Albuquerque, where a child who had the opportunity to be taught visual arts, precisely handwriting, was able to use that approach to learn other subjects, which used to be difficult for her. Currently an ambassador for calligraphy arts.

Secondly, children are able to have clear and gorgeous writing. With its name being calligraphy, meaning beautiful handwriting ushers us into the era of creating a handsome piece that doesn’t only help with easy markings of papers but gets attracted to read our notes and labels on the signpost. An example includes the use of calibre, font, new roman times, ariel, with a few to mention.

Nevertheless, to be candour I know most people wouldn’t agree with me on this, as they might think it’s a waste of time, but with my experience as a visual arts pupil during my primary school. It’s was a fun-filled exposure with an exciting feeling which every child should get—starting with block alphanumeric with choosing the type of writing you get attracted to.

In conclusion, I believe the learning of handwriting is equally important as with the study of science or mathematics. With respect to larcenous researches, I stand to be an ambassador for learning handwriting in our various schools.

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