Some People Think that Individuals Should Be Responsible for Planning for Their Retirement While Others Feel

Some people think that individuals should be responsible for planning for their retirement while others feel that it is the responsibility of governments to help them. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It has been investigated that inmate qualities have a more significant influence on the personality and development of a person rather than any experiences that people might have in their life. In my perspective, experiences have a great power to inspire people’s life. Good or bad experiences give life lessons to people to lead a contented life. Moreover, people develop humanitarian gestures.

To begin with, it cannot be denied that inmate qualities influence the personality and development of a person, but experiences are the best mentors. To elaborate on it, any bad experience teaches the concerned person about their shortcomings and loss planning. By pondering over these, individuals make fewer errors. Therefore experiences assist people in leading a good life. For instance, king lear, a famous play written by Shakespeare, tells about the experience of the king, who suffered from their own daughter’s hand. Thus, his whole personality underwent some transformations. However, he was the rationale and possessed a long-term vision. But his experience turned him into a wise man.

Furthermore, experiences have the power to develop humanitarian feelings in people. To exemplify it, if people have experienced poverty, illness and helplessness; then they will definitely experience others’ sufferings. Even a stone-hearted person can turn into a kind-hearted person. Thus it influences more than the natural traits of a person. Besides, intelligence can be innate and play a significant role in shaping a person’s personality. The person can be a great scientist or doctor based on skill. However, sometimes experiences also make them able to attain perfection. Henry Ford was not an intelligent person, and he was illiterate, but his experiences in life made him famous throughout the whole world.

To conclude, inborn traits help influence individuals’ life, but experiences, either good or bad, have the power to reshape their life. People can be good humans if they experience hard times, and such people are the genuine product of a nation.

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