Some People Think that It Is Important to Use Taxpayer Money

Some People Think that It Is Important to Use Taxpayer Money to Search for Life on Other Planets. However, Others Believe that This Is a Waste of Public Money Because Many More Important Issues Require Funding on Our Own Planet. Discuss Both Points of View and Give Your Opinion.

For years, people have promoted the idea that taxpayers must spend money searching for life on other planets. At the same time, some argue that this is a waste of money and it should focus on serious issues on Earth, such as pollution and poverty. In this essay, I am going to discuss both views and draw my own conclusion.

On the one hand, some people believe that it is a waste of public money because dealing with these issues requires immediate attention. For example, reducing poverty, improving healthcare, addressing climate change, and several other issues should be taken into account. If the government solves those problems, they will be allowed to spend money to fund other planets. Another option could be that the number of poorest communities has been increasing, which put many politicians under pressure, but to tackle this issue, developing countries must aid poor countries and save many individuals instead of space. I agree that we need to focus on solving the problems on this planet before exploring others.

On the other hand, exploring space could be beneficial to society, especially for education and managing overpopulation. Studying other planets may aid members of society in gaining a lot of knowledge. The discovery of new planets could create a great area for living humans. For instance, in fact, NASA, a company specialist in space, had discovered a new planet that is similar to the Earth’s features, such as weather, sand …

In conclusion, even though some members of society agree to spending taxpayers to explore other planets, it is a waste of public money, and there are a lot of issues in the real world.

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