Some People Think Women Should Be Allowed to Join the Army

Some people think women should be allowed to join the army, the navy and the air force just like men. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer. Write at least 250 words.

There is a saying that what a man can do, a woman can do it better. Hence, some individuals are of the opinion that women should be allowed into military fields like the Navy, air force and army just as men does. This I completely believe is a good development.

Advancement in virtually at areas of life has ruled out the ancient idea that women could not function in some aspects of life, which made them in time past to be confined to the kitchen, baby-making and housekeepers. They are not allowed to even go to school because their parents see it as a waste of money and time. Applause to the upgrade and development in the world as a whole today! In England, they are ruled by a woman; the prime minister of the United States of American is also a female. Therefore, females are not only allowed to go to schools but still hold significant posts in the government and economy at large. With the brief advancement of how things have taken a new shape, I believe the function of women in the military, if they are allowed to become a member just as men will make a great impact of cannot be over flogged.

Firstly, women are naturally gifted with the ability to manipulate anything and anyone, for example. Anini, an addict criminal that terrorized Nigeria for decades of years, was captured and arrested by a woman. Hence, such a gift can be a great benefit to the military woman.

Secondly, women are naturally caring. It was recorded that a woman was responsible for the decrease in the death rate among military officers that went to war during world war two. She nursed the injured, gave food and drugs to them when necessary. The significant reason people don’t want women to join the military is the belief that they don’t easily get married because of their field. This, I’m strongly convinced, is a misconception because, speaking from my experience, I had the choice of marrying the man of my drama in this field as military personnel.

In conclusion, the positive impact of allowing women to join military work cannot be overemphasized. Hence this should be considered as an added advantage to military officers, the citizens and the government at large.

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