Talk About A Debatable Issue: Recent Speaking Exam Topic

Talk About A Debatable Issue

  • What is the issue?
  • Why is it debatable?
  • What side do you support?
  • And how do you think it can be resolved?

These days several issues are there which have been debatable, for instance, environmental issues, wild animal extension debate, the heating argument of pollution and traffic conjunction, cross them fight of our future nation builders.

This means today I would like to talk about teenagers’ education issues and the syllabus of subjects from school to college .it is essential that students get more knowledge and appropriate practice. There is an issue with the length of the syllabus and the lack of specialisation tutors in the number of schools.

Many schools have sufficient tutors, and children may not complete the entire course. It can be solved if the government is also concerned about teachers and their qualifications. I mainly support the students’ side.

Moreover, it is more debatable because authorities could not take the necessary steps towards this issue and make stories about it on TV and in the news.

Follow Up Questions

Question 1:- Should Students Get Mental Health Days Off From School

yes, definitely, students should get mental health days off because it is essential to stress out and feel relaxed. Mental health is as much important as physical health. Sometimes students become part of depression; this is because nowadays, they have a lot of study and homework stress.

Question 2:- What Topics Do You Wish You Could Learn About in School?

Mostly in my school time, I wanted to learn Gujarati and health sciences subjects. I wanted Gujarati because s issue mainly includes moral stories and poems. And second is about science; I love to know about new research and development in health sciences.

Question 3:- Do You Believe Aliens Exist?

I still don’t understand much about it. I think it’s a mysterious story. Honestly, I feel like it otherwise science believes in. I recently saw a Gujarati movie; sorry, I do not remember the film’s name. Still, in this movie, the famous Gujarati actor played the central role, and the story involved Aliens, and they helped us. The excellent scientist Vikram Sarabhai’s investment in helium is included in this movie.

Question 4:- Should Stay-at-Home Parents Be Paid?

I did not understand it entirely, but if I am right, the answer should be yes because it helps mothers in child development and care. And not only for mothers; it allows the family also.

Question 5:- Can Social Media Be a Tool for Learning and Growth in Schools?

I don’t think social media is a tool for school learning and growth. It becomes right if tutors take it positively because students might be distracted from studying if they start using social media. In fact, after covid 19, the most debatable topic is social media and its use; these days, primary school students use electronic gadgets.

Question 6:- Should Facebook Fact-Check Political Speech?

It is a tricky question; from my perspective, Facebook should check facts of political speech. Because of this prominent social media market, people and companies know about the misinformation.

Question 7:- Should Texting While Driving Be Treated Like Drunken Driving?

I hope it can be treated like drunken driving because it is wrong to text while driving. And must be highly punishable.

Question 8:- How Do You Think Indian Education Could Be Improved?

This is a highly argued question; the first and foremost reason is the tutors’ qualifications. There are several schools where tutors also take other subjects, Teachers of maths, to take Gujarati and English teachers to guide them about Sanskrit. The second is about practical issues and their practice in schools and colleges.

Question 9:- Should Public Transit Be Free?

I don’t think that public transport should be free, yes if the government reduces the pay for transportation and develops a transit service, people must use public transport. And it helps a lot to control traffic conjunction and environmental issues and decrease fuel use.

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