Talk About a Famous Athlete You Know

Talk about a famous athlete you know

  • Who he/she is,
  • How do you know him/her,
  • What has he/she achieved,
  • Why he/she is famous.

Sample Answer of Talk About a Famous Athlete You Know

Due to diversity and globalisation, there are various sports played in India as well as in foreign countries. With the popular games, there are very famous players popular such as Sachin Tendulkar for cricket, Neeraj Chopra for jawline throw and so on. One of the famous athletes I want to talk about is Mahendra Singh dhoni which is popularly known as MS Dhoni. It is famous for cricket.

I know him from cricket as well as the movie. Firstly I was not interested in cricket, but after seeing the movie named The untold story of MS Dhoni, I found it interested and I started watching cricket.

He is known for being the best player of the match and also popular for the helicopter shot. Until now, he was the captain of the India team, but last year he stepped out from that position. Now he is just playing the IPL series and is a captain of Chennai super kings. He has achieved fame from cricket as well as from various advertisements such as Duracell and so on. He is the brand ambassador of various brands such as cars 24, gulf oil India, master card and so on.

I admire him the most because of his simplicity and nature. He is calm in nature and problem-solving attitude.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Famous Athlete You Know

Question 1:- What kinds of exercises do Indian people like?

Answer:- There are various exercises Indians do such as jogging, walking and so on. Nowadays popular exercise is a practice in the gym. At the same time, old age people prefer to take a walk in the open air, so they generally go for walking.

Question 2:- What characteristics do you think an athlete should have?

Answer:- I think athletic must have a calm and non-fame attitude. Moreover, they must be hardworking. They should be motivational speakers, positive minds, optimistic and should have self-belief.

Question 3:- Why are there so few top athletes?

Answer:- I think for their good attitude and their games. Another reason may be due to their nature and helpless nature.

Question 4:- What’s the best way to become a top athlete?

Answer:- As I said earlier, due to qualities and popular in their sports and also due to various internal qualities.

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