Talk about a Lazy Person You Know

Talk About a Lazy Person You know

Who the person is
How well you know him
What makes this person lazy
What should he do to improve

Sample Answer of Talk about a Lazy Person You Know

In the contemporary world, people had an enormous chance to understand the diversity of everything. For this, individually make the certain initiative. Otherwise, that may not work in their life.

Today I would like to talk about one such person, whose name is Mr Aneesh. Actually, Aneesh was my companion and roommate, and together we were working in a construction company in the Sultanate of Oman. He acted as a purchasing office in the same company.

Whenever we back from the office, he directly moves towards the bed and switch on the television or some other gadget and immediately he started sleeping. I was surprised at how people can fell into deep sleep without any short span. Even on the weekends also acts as same. In addition to this,

When I left room for some physical exercises or outdoor games with some other friends, he may not shows courage to be a participant. He laid down on the bed and sleep. Sometimes we call him bedridden. In my opinion, he must show some bravery to be part of some activities. That may be good for his physical and mental wellbeing.

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