Talk About a Pet that You Once Had IELTS Cue Cards Latest

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Talk About a Pet that You Once Had IELTS Cue Cards Latest

Talk about a pet that you once had IELTS cue cards latest

  • What kind of animal it was?
  • What type of care it needed?
  • What you liked/didn’t like about it?
  • And say whether it is a popular pet to own or not and why.

It was about 4 years ago when I had a pet. It helped me to convert my fearing behavior into loving behavior towards dogs. I would like to briefly share my experience with you about it.

At that time, I was so afraid of dogs, but once I saw a little puppy in my friend’s house. He was so cute 🐶. His name was Tommy. My friend offered him to me, but I refused. Then he forced me to take him because it would help me get rid of my fear of dogs.

Finally, I agreed and took that puppy with me. I loved him so much as his actions were so impressive. Whenever I reached home, he would stand up, run to me, and start licking my feet. He was so obedient as he did whatever I told him to do 🐾.

After a few days of living with him, I started loving dogs and began spending most of my time at home with him. We started playing, eating, bathing together. He slept in my room, too. I found a true friend in Tommy 🏡💕.

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In this sophisticated world, everyone is busy with their life. No one has time to be personally available for you. But dogs always have what you want from your best friend. I am so happy to have Tommy in my life. No one can take his place in my heart ❤️🐕.

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