Talk About a Piece of Popular News That Has Been Circulating in Local News

Talk about a piece of popular news that has been circulating in local news

  • What the news was about
  • Who told you about the news
  • What do the community think about the news

Sample Answer of Talk About a Piece of Popular News That Has Been Circulating in Local News

Well, to keep me up to date with happenings around the world, I always follow the news, but I keep a deep interest to read the local news as they have a direct impact on our lives. Let me talk about one such domestic news which caught my attention in the local newspaper a month back. It was about the construction of the park for the city dwellers.

Actually, in my locality there is no park however there is a vacant spot that people use to dump rubbish. At the same time, one can see stray animals here all the time. This plot is more like a scar on the face of my locality. This place not only stinks but also spreads diseases. But the local administration has now decided to transform the same into a public park. In addition, it would allow the community members to socialise as we see in the evening as well as in the morning time. People like to visit parks where they can sit together with mates and talk. It would be a boon for elders in my community since they would enjoy the company of their friends, gossip and play cards.

At the same time, it would provide a safe area for the children to play, who otherwise often play on streets which is hazardous as there is always a risk of accidents. In fact, as per the news, the new park will be equipped with all sorts of slides, swings and play setup, especially for younger kids. Last but not least, it would also be beneficial for adults who can utilise the park for their morning walks or jogs or evening workouts. Overall, I’m excited about this development in my area as it will benefit people from all walks of life.

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Question 1. Do people read newspapers where you live?

Answer – Well, there are people who still prefer to read physical newspapers in my city, especially the elderly, as they are often not comfortable using the online version. In fact, reading a newspaper is one of their musts to do tasks in the daily routine. On the other hand, young people like to keep themselves updated using digital newspapers. For example, I generally get the updates in the news app installed on my phone, which keep me updated about all important happenings.

Question 2. Do people prefer local or international news?

Answer – Well, I would prefer both as it is imperative to keep in touch with local and foreign events. It is a must for one’s general awareness. Local news holds great significance as it impacts our lives directly; on the other hand, international news is important to understand and educate yourself about the happening across the globe. For instance, as I have plans to migrate to Canada in the near future, I keep myself updated with the immigration-related news.

Question 3. Do you think it’s essential to have a national identity?

Answer – Yes, I feel it is imperative to have a national identity. It helps people to bind to their culture, roots, and traditions. It invokes a sense of patriotism towards the country. In addition, people can enjoy the various facilities or perks belonging to certain nations. For instance, health care is free in Canada and many other developed countries, enabling their citizens a sense of security for their old age.

Question 4. How can people develop their national identity?

Answer – Hmm. I think there are many ways in which people could develop their national identity. The first and easiest way would be to celebrate the traditional festivals of the country. Secondly, every citizen should know the national anthem and hoist the national flag wherever possible. If I take the example of my country, the government has established a law according to which our national anthem is played in the movie theatre before the screening of any movie.

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