Talk About a Thing You Just Bought and You Are Happy About

Talk About a Thing You Just Bought and You Are Happy About

  • what did you buy?
  • why did you buy?
  • why is it important for you?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Thing You Just Bought and You Are Happy About

in this world man has three basic necessities like food, shelter, and cloth.but with the changing trend of society and advent of modernisation man’s desires have also increased and I have no exception to it.nowadays, multimedia mobile phones are very famous among people in the society. so I was also a keen desire to buy a touchscreen mobile phone.for this, I was saving the money from a long time.last week when I saw that I have the desired money to buy it, I went to the market and I have bought it.

it is of Samsung brand and it is a galaxy grand two is thin in size and easily keep it in my is black in color and has a dual camera by which I could take pictures anytime and has a large memory of 64 GB in which I can store any type of information and data I large amount.I bought it because all of my friends already have this kind of mobile phones.

i had a simple phone and my friends always irritated me all the I decided to buy it in future. it is a very important gadget for me even I would like to say that it is a part and parcel of my routine life.first of all, it is a very good source of communication for me.i can contact with my friends, relatives and family members from distant places.moreover, it is a cheap source of entertainment also because one can see movies, listen to songs and download any kind of information just by sitting anywhere.

it is a good guide also because  all the multimedia phones have the app of GPS system and wherever you are, you can find any destination or address in an unknown place in a few seconds .furthermore, it makes a person socially strong because through the availability of apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, one can make social contacts with friends and it is a precious thing for me and I am very happy about it.

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