Talk About an Activity that You Found Boring

Talk About an Activity that You Found Boring.

  • What Was It?
  • Where Was It?
  • What Did You Experience There?

There are a number of activities of different kinds in every person’s life. These include indoor activities 🏠, outdoor activities 🌳, religious activities πŸ™, etc.

Some activities might be boring 😴, and some might be interesting 😊. Today, I would like to talk about an activity which I found very boring.

I had to attend a marriage ceremony for the in-laws of my brother, with whom I did not have many acquaintances. My parents had to attend a funeral ceremony of a person from our distant relatives, so they told me to attend the marriage ceremony.

I got up early in the morning, and after taking a bath, I dressed up to my nines. The ceremony’s scheduled time was 12 in the afternoon at the City Park Resorts, Moga.

So, I went to the venue exactly at 12:15 in the afternoon. When I reached, there were few persons seated there. I felt very awkward. But, near about 1 o’clock, many guests arrived at the venue.

So, I took tea 🍡 and some sweets 🍬 to eat. Every person was busy enjoying the party, but I sat there like a stranger.

It seemed to me like the time had stopped ⏳. I was waiting for the wedding couple, but I heard that they would come late. It added to my boredom.

Finally, the entertainment started in the palace 🏰. I sat on a chair near the stage. I saw that a group of beautiful girls and handsome boys were going to perform a dance πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί.

They were in beautiful, colourful dresses. They had all the instruments related to our culture 🎢. They started playing the first item.

It was really enjoyable. But, this enjoyment again turned into boredom when some drunkard persons went up to the stage and started misbehaving with the female performers.

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The organizer of the program stopped the program. One of these drunkards held a gun in his hand and he was not in his senses.

He was abusing the performers. I guessed that some mishap might have happened there. So, I handed over the gift 🎁 which I bought for the bride and groom to their family and came back home.

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