The Best Way to Solve the World’s Environmental Problems Is to Increase the Cost of Fuel for Cars and Other Private Vehicles

The best way to solve the world’s environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuel for cars and other private vehicles. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is a harsh reality of today that the environment has been affected by various types of things. These problems have inclined on such a huge pace that some measure is needed to mitigate them. So, a handful of individuals think that increase in the price of fuel is the best solution; however, there are many other ways that are also available to resolve this problem.

To embark with, it does not have any doubt that the laws of the administration are highly followed by individuals, and there are some steps toward the environment that can assist in reducing the environment-related problems. To cite an example, the government of China had made cycle lanes on the roads to motivate people for riding on them. This has not only made the environment clean but also made them fit and fine. In this current time, inhabitants use cars less than before. As a result, the action of the government has a big influence on the public’s mind.

Identically one other solution can be taken by the manufacture of new fuel-efficient vehicles. Although all the major car companies are introducing modern cars yet, a few people know about it. To increase in the number of advertisements, can aware dwellers regarding the updated vehicles. As an example, hardly has the advertisement of a specific thing come on the television by an actor before people purchase it. Hence, people’s awareness of the latest vehicles can ameliorate the amount of carbon emission in the air.

In conclusion, higher fuel prices can adversely affect poor folks, but alternative solutions can be accepted by the masses in order to gain a sea change in the environment.

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