The Chart Below Gives Information About the Age of Women in Australia when They Gave Birth to Their First Child

The chart below gives information about the age of women in Australia when they gave birth to their first child in 1966, 1986 and 2006.

The chat six distinct age groups of Australian women and the three different years, namely 1966,1986, and 2006 that they delivered their firstborn child.

Overall, it is noticeable that year groups under 19 and 19-24 showed a decreasing trend of giving birth to their firstborn baby, whereas age groups of 30-34 and 34-39 showed an increasing trend over the entire period given.

To commence with, age groups of females under 19 in Australia recorded around 34% of delivering their firstborn baby in 1966. In contrast, in that same year, females who fell between the ages of 19-24 accounted for about 60% of giving birth to their eldest baby. Interestingly, both groups of women showed a downward trend in percentage to about 34% in 1986 and nearly 30% in 2006 compared to exactly 20% and around 10% in the above respective years mentioned above for delivering their eldest baby. Surprisingly, Australian women who are over 40 years saw a relatively unchanged proportion of having their firstborn babies throughout the whole period given.

Additionally, the delivery of elderly babies by Australian women within the year groups of 30-34 and 34-39 all showed an upwards trend. That is, the age group of 30-34 giving birth to their firstborn child accounted for about 12% in 1966, and this increased dramatically to about 45% in 2006 compared to around 10% in 1966 and exactly 50% for women within 34-39 in the above mentioned years. Also, those within 25- 30 had about 34% of giving birth to their firstborn babies in 1966. However, this percentage soared to exactly 50% in 1986 before falling to nearly 38% in 2006.

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