The Chart Below Shows Estimated World Illiteracy Rates by Region and By Gender for The Year 2000

The chart below shows estimated world illiteracy rates by region and gender for the year 2000. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information below.

The chart below shows estimated world illiteracy rates by region and by gender for the year 2000

The chart illustrates the unenlightenment information ratio in females and males in six different provinces in the year 2000.

Overall, it can be sent from the chart that in South Asia, the highest literacy ratio so in both gender .whereas and the lowest rate could be seen in developed countries in men and women.

Looking at the chat more deeply, in developed countries, 1 and 2 % illiteracy rates were in men and women, respectively. Latin America shows 10% and 11% of uneducation in both genders. After that, in Oceania, in men, the unenlightenment rate was 8%, while in females, 20% of illiteracy had been seen.

Furthermore, the illiteracy rate increased significantly in Sub-Saharan Africa, Arab States and South Asia in 2000. in sub-Saharan Africa, the difference between men and women in literacy rate was 80%; moreover, in the Arab States, the education ratio of females almost double that of men was, 52% and men went 29% .it is noticeable that the highest percentage could be seen in female of South Asia at 55%. The literacy rate was 35% in the year 2000.

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