The Diagram Below Shows how Salt Is Removed from Seawater to Make It Drinkable

The diagram below shows how salt is removed from seawater to make it drinkable. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The Diagram Below Shows how Salt Is Removed from Seawater to Make It Drinkable

The artist’s design conveys how consumable water is produced from seawater with the extraction of salt.

The process by which potable water is produced from the use of saline water involves about ten stages. The initial phase starts from the saltwater intake and finally ends with an integrated water supply system.

To ameliorate, it is demonstrated that the sea as a natural supply is being tapped where it is streamlined to the pre-treatment filter. However, water is forced through membranes at high pressure, which compasses the utilization of water molecules forboding impurities and salt, which by a channel of both the filter backwash and seawater concentrate is then returned to the sea.

Nevertheless, the dais of post-treatment involves the use of lime, chlorine and fluoride in the care of the filtered water. Summer, treated water is then stored in a reservoir and finally integrated into the water supply system, which flows through the tap in the various homes of consumers irrespective of the terra firma they are situated.

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