The Diagram Details the Process of Producing Olive Oil: AC Writing Task 1

The diagram details the process of producing olive oil. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagram details the process of producing olive oil.

The diagram illustrates the sequence involved in the production of olive oil.

Overall, it is a manufactured linear process that begins with harvesting raw materials(fruits) from the olive tree and ends with storing the oil in a tank.

The fruits needed for production are plucked from the tree and gathered into a collection vat, after which they are washed with water, and the leaves surrounding them are removed. They are then crushed in an olive mill producing an olive paste which passes through a malaxer under 27*C.

The paste from the malaxer is then subjected to a centrifugal press to squeeze out the virgin oils leaving pomace (which can also be processed further in factories) behind, wastes are removed from the oils in 2 ways, either through separation, which produces liquid waste in the end or decantation, finally, the purified oils are stored in a tank.

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