The Diagrams Compare Two Different Methods of Defence for Homes that Are at Risk of Being Flooded

The diagrams compare two different methods of defence for homes that are at risk of being flooded. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagrams compare two different methods of defence for homes that are at risk of being flooded

The diagrams illustrate the two different ways how to shield the houses from the flood.

Looking at the details of the diagram, a mould is built on the land, and a river is just nearby the mould. The mould is also called the stopbank. The level of flood from 100 years is just below the mould whereas an instrument such as freeboard is used on the stopbank. A building is situated next to the stopbank on the pillars. The pond is formed below the pillars because during the rainy time, the water runoff through internal pipes, then the footage of the stopbank is opened, and the waterfall into the river.

In the second diagram, no stopbank is used. The building is constructed near the river, and the level of pillars of the building is the same as 100 years flood level. When water moves from the river towards the building in order to reduce the problem of flood the level of houses just increases from the level from ponding.

Overall, it is clearly seen that in the first diagram, a stopbank is used while in the second diagram increase the level of houses then ponding level to reduce the chance of flooding.

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