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Some children spend hours every day on smartphones. Why is this the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

It has been observed that in recent times, some children waste hours on smartphones daily there are several reasons for such a trend. If questioned, in my viewpoint, it has a more negative effect on children both the causes and my perspective will be discussed in the ensuing paragraph.

Analysing the causes of such situations foremost one is around this age group. Most possible people, such as parents, teachers, and family members, are using smartphones. Therefore, they also want to use them. Another reason is it is usually used as a babysitter. Today’s parents are more likely to give phones to control their children the last but not minor point is less parental attention and control. Nowadays, parents do not give attention and advice to children, so they prefer to use smartphones.

In my viewpoint, it affects very severely on children by the overuse of smartphones children ruin their health as well as their study. It affects their eyes and minds. Apart from research and health, they get homesick due to smartphones, they are less communicate with other people or they do not like to work out of their house; therefore, they do not have world experience.

Some children spend more time on their smartphones daily due to parents’nts’ lack of advice and attention, and everybody around them uses it. From my viewpoint, I feel its impact is very negative on children, and only parents can stop this situation.

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