The Local Council Is About to Destroy the Children’s Playground in Your Area Because It Is Underused

The local council is about to destroy the children’s playground in your area because it is underused. write a letter and tell them:

  • Why it is not well used
  • What can be done so more people can use it.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to discuss the decision to demolish the children’s playground taken by the local council members. I would request you to please reconsider your decision.

I am well aware that the playground is not used well and is quite deserted at times, but instead of demolishing it, I suggest you improve the condition of the play area so that it can be used more and maintained well. I want to state a few reasons why it is not adequately used:- Firstly the lights are pretty dim, or you can say unfunctional. We need to have light in order to keep it safe and usable. The public hesitates to sit in a dark area, especially with family or kids.

Secondly, you can install a few swings, exercise machines and a plantation that would make it enjoyable and people can come and spend time with their families.

Lastly, we can also have proper paths or tracks where people can walk. We can also install boards to warn the public to keep it clean.

I would conclude by saying that it is a great place in our neighbourhood, please do reconsider your decision.

Thank you,

With regards,

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