The News Is an Important Source of Knowledge for All of Us About the World, Especially in This Era of Technology

The news is an important source of knowledge for all of us about the world, especially in this era of technology. Journalists are mainly responsible to bring this news to us but not all of them are true to their responsibilities and ethics. How much can we trust the journalists? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Broadcast is an utmost patient to humans to be aware of happenings around the globe, and in these recent days, it’s crucial. It is the duty of journalists for this task, but a hand full of them are not truthful in this wonderful profession. This essay will discuss the extent to which we can trust journalists.

Globally, the news is one of the most important phenomena because it explains in detail happens of the whole world. To start with, journalists are the eyes of the people in terms of news, but they allow themselves to be bought by some group of people by agreeing with them in garbage out fake news. They ought to give reliable newscasts but turn to plan their early grave. Because it is necessary when information has been given, an investigation is carried out before casting the information to consumers. For instance, during the time of covid -19, some of them are partakers in false statistics. Thereby results in sharing of government funds mapped out for covid -19.

Furthermore, most of them create problems for themselves, which leads to an untimely death due to intruding on people privacy. Just to enrich themselves the plot, some girls they think are desperate in prominent men just to extort money. For example, rich men are having secret affairs with underage girls for 17 years; journalists would like to make money from them by trying to bring their private life to the public. Some of them make a huge amount of money out of it. Consequently, at last, they try their possible best to eliminate them.

Conclusively, the news is very much important, but it should be for real and not for the selfish interest of some group of people who wishes to enrich their purse.

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