There Are Many Different Types of Music in The World Today

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There Are Many Different Types of Music in The World Today (1)

There Are Many Different Types of Music in The World Today. Why Do We Need Music? Is the Traditional Music of A Country More Important than The International Music that Is Heard Everywhere Nowadays?

Nowadays, music has gone beyond entertainment, and it is now means of communication as well. So, there are several kinds of music circulating the world. This essay will discuss why music is needed for psychological and communication purposes. Also, the reasons why local music of a country is more important than foreign music.

Music is essential because of its benefits for mental health and communication. It can be used as a therapy for psychological issues like depression and pain because it has a calming effect on the nerves, which help the body to produce certain chemicals which elevate mood and reduce pain. For instance, excellent gospel music with great lyrics is effective for diverting someone with mild pain attention from the pain, thereby reducing it. Furthermore, it can be used to pass information that needs quick assimilation, understanding and long-lasting effect to the public. For example, the centre for disease control (CDC) used music to communicate ways to prevent the spread of Coronavirus to a large population in 2020, so whenever the song comes to mind, the tips for avoiding the disease will be remembered. Therefore, music is beneficial to living.

Listening to traditional music is more important than international music because it is relatable; someone can identify it well because it communicates local culture and style. As an illustration, a piece of music sung in Hindi will make much sense and be enjoyable to Indians compared to songs by Michael Jackson because the concept, dance and style will be a reflection of Indian culture. So, locally made music of a country is preferable to the foreign one.

In summary, music is beneficial to living, so it is needed, and also, traditional music is preferable to other types of music.

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