Traditional Methods of Food Preparation Are Becoming Less Popular: Writing Task 2

Traditional methods of food preparation are becoming less popular. Why do you think this is?

Food is a basic necessity, and In the 21st century, due to technological advancements, multiple options are available for preparing food. Because of this reason, the traditional method of preparing cuisine is becoming less popular. There are many other reasons for this change, which I will describe briefly in upcoming paragraphs.

In the past, the use of technology was minimal, especially in the kitchen, unlike today, where people have modular kitchens in their homes. Earlier, even a grinder was not common, and women used mortar and pestle to grind things which was time-consuming and even required physical work. However, everyone has a grinder, so crushing any food item has become easy. To cite an example, In the past, people used to prepare different cuisines only on Sundays or on some occasions only because the process was time-consuming. Still, things have become easy because of the easy availability of such gadgets. As a result, people these days prepare tasty cuisines according to their desire on a regular basis. In Addition, in the past, food was cooked on the stove, and people did not have gas lines. Hence it was very difficult to cook when it was raining. However, now modular kitchens have the facility of induction also, along with many other facilities which can be added according to the preference of any individual.

Additionally, women were mostly housewives compared to today, where most women are independent and go to work, resulting in very limited time to prepare meals. In such busy lives, modern technological advancements work as a boon. For instance, It will take 25 minutes to prepare rice in a cooker, while it will require only 5 minutes in a microwave oven. Also, in the modern era, food preparation has become faster; electrical devices are also available for pre-preparation, such as an electric chopper, so there is no need to chop vegetables by hand. For working women, time is like money. Hence they prefer to use such devices in their daily life.

To conclude, In modern society, technological development is helping everyone to save time in preparing meals. Easy availability of gadgets and a fast lifestyle are the main reasons for the elimination of traditional methods of cuisine preparation.

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