Traffic Problems Are Increasing in Most Cities: Writing Task 2

Traffic problems are increasing in most cities. What can be done about this?

Of late, traffic issue has been a prevailing concern in a significant part of the world. The sea has been changing, and few people use the vehicle to commit to other places. The following paragraphs will elucidate possible reasons for the problem and propose a handful of remedial measures.

There are myriad of reasons that pinpoint the problem of traffic likewise, long haul, no itinerary, very long distance between home and workplace and many more reasons. Some colossal ways and means can be taken to combat this problem, but the most preponderant one is people should use car pulling for the regular journey, through that they save money as well. It leads to reduced use of cars and traffic in urban areas.

Moreover, another undoubted solution to counter this problem is for individuals ought to use more public transportation. And the Government also raise a little fond to improve that facility and make several convenient routes for bus fairy. Furthermore, encourage younger people to use motorbikes instead of cars, because they need few parking spaces and bikes are not stuck in any traffic jam, and they easily come out from it. Thus, if the above steps are taken approximately, this problem may be solved.

To recapitulate, it is stated that Government and individuals should put their foot forward together to curb this means.

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