We No Longer Need to Have Animals Kept in Zoos, so Zoos Should Be Closed: Writing task 2

We no longer need to have animals kept in zoos, so zoos should be closed. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Wild animals are not meant to be kept in prisons as their home is just the forests, but due to the increasing population, we need to cut down the forests so that people get a place to live, and because of this, Zoos are essential. Some believe that there is no need to keep animals in zoos, but I totally disagree with this statement; today, it is a need to have big Zoos where Animals can feel like forests, not put in cages.

Deforestation is the reason that we need Zoos so that our wild animals can live more as the increasing population it is very difficult to adjust in small places, cities are getting full, and even Villages are also filled up with people so government start cutting trees so that people can have any place to live which leads to deforestation and for that problem government spend lots of fund in making different types of parks and Zoos so that wild animal can live there peacefully and not worried about the cutting of trees. For instance, I went to Chatthbirdh Zoo in Chandigarh as it has lots of different animals, which are very rare, and they take care of them.

Hunting is also one of the main causes of keeping animals in zoos because many people love to hunt animals, and in this way, we lose so many rare species. To keep them preserved government to come up with the idea of a zoo where they put all the rare species so that our upcoming generation could see them in future. For example, one of India’s actors got punished for hunting black deer, which was illegal to hunt as it is a rare species.

In conclusion, although animals are not meant to be put in a cage due to certain substances government make zoo which is beneficial for animals as it is the only way to save them from demolishing from the planet. Even government make Zoos in which person have to go by bus, and animals are just roaming around to maintain their life circle.

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