We Were Given a Plan for A New Town and Asked to Describe It

We were given a plan for a new town and asked to describe it. The plan was similar to the one below: Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and making comparisons where relevant.

We were given a plan for a new town and asked to describe it

The figure is a diagrammatic representation of a planned new town which consists of; residential areas, factory areas, recreational areas, parking spaces and bus stops and these are separated by both roads and freeway.

Generally, the town is divided into three sections by a freeway and then parted into sub-sections by roads. The largest part of each section is covered by a housing area.

In addition to the residential area, the outermost part consists of two industrial areas, one at the left upper corner while the other at the right lower corner of the town and two recreational regions located close to each of the factories, although the upper is larger than the lower.

Furthermore, a city centre and recreational centre are situated in the middle of the town while the inner region is made of parks and bus stations.

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