Weddings Are Getting More Extensive and More Expensive: Writing Task 2

Weddings are getting more extensive and more expensive. What is the reason for this? Is it a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, people seem to spend so much money on marriage as compared to the past. This is a negative development as it wastes money and food. The primary reason behind this development is a show-off.

People want to show their money and higher standard of life to others, so they spend more money and gather many people for their marriage. There are a lot of negative impacts of this type of marriage on our society. If someone spends less money or does not maintain the status within society, then others consider him/her poor, which impacts the reputation of their personality. Some people also borrow money for their marriages, which increases the tension of loans, and sometimes they even lose what they have.

Parents want to make their children’s marriage the best in the world, and they want people to remember it. They thought it was a way of showing their love towards them. So, to make marriage memorable, they spend money and invite more people to it. Parents should understand that saving money and using it for their children’s future is better.

In conclusion, it is only a negative development in our society, and there is no need for higher gatherings and extra money spent on marriage. People should set an example for others by celebrating simple marriage.

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