When Choosing a Job, the Salary Is the Most Important Consideration

When Choosing a Job, the Salary Is the Most Important Consideration. To What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

Undoubtedly, the job is essential for the fulfillment of the basic needs of human beings full stop in regards to this it has been said that for some individuals monthly income is the most crucial factor when it comes to a job. However, I’m afraid I have to disagree with these few points because I believe that other factors, such as job satisfaction and personal happiness, play a mandatory role in selecting a job.

To begin with the comma, there are enormous causes behind my agreement towards the spite of having a good salary first of all jobs and section is an essential part of human’s life for example when a person is more satisfied with their job is more likely to be productive and motivated and less likely to leave their position full stop when the environment of their workplace and the employee’s relationship with their cow workers would have calm and peaceful they can mix it up quickly. Their progress will increase full stop, which refers to the degree of pleasure and happiness that can make an individual feel in their job. As a consequence of this, this would have more refreshment of mind.

Furthermore, regardless of money’s importance, personal entire film and happiness are most important in an individual’s life. However, if a person is stressed and bored by their work, this will lead to more depression and mental fatigue, a kind of disease related to the brain. After that, due to a stressed mind, they will find it challenging to maintain their relationship with family members, which can cause more breakages of relationships. This can be exactly fired by the fact that when the UK Government conducted a survey, they found that 59% of residents of the UK who work longer are were more stressed and unhappy with their family members and as a result of this can lead to more divorce rates.

After evaluating the different aspects of the solution, it can be stated that despite Money Madness in a job, other factors like job compensation and contentment are more crucial for humans’ proper well-being; therefore, I can’t entirely agree with this Notion.

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